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I started jotting down a list of useful resources for a colleague, then realised these would be better off here, where I’ll keep updating the links.

These are all very personal choices and quite specific to the work we do at Helpful.


Benedict Evans newsletter is all about tech and big business. He has an amazing way of explaining how digital channels are changing business models and how the tech products we consume reflect our needs and behaviours.

Useful for big picture conversations and presentations with clients.

Ben Whitelaw’s moderation newsletter

Ben is a contact of mine, a journalist and a contributor to our training. His focus is on how different platforms are moderating engagement, government regulation of social and the impact of all this on real people.

Tom Moylan

Loads of clear thinking and ideas about digital communications.

Hootsuite email subscription

Weekly email with lots of free resources and advice on channel features.


Digital Human podcast

Nice anthropological look at different aspects of the online world.

Useful for designing learning with empathy and remembering what the web looks like for real people.

Mepra podcast on evaluation

This podcast features the person behind the AMEC evaluation grid that we recommend and use with all our training.

Another Podcast


I recommend following the co-host, Toni Cown-Brown, on TikTok.

General reading

First Draft resources

Essential reading and resources for all our work with press and corporate comms teams. Amazing organisation, I think.

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