Marmite tech sometimes has a hidden audience

In my feed I see quite divergent views on Voice and how useful it really is or will be.

And yet there’s this: Alexa is a revelation for the blind.

More and more people I see on my train and in the street using speakerphone.

But on a car forum full of grumpy old men, I’m reliably informed by a deaf poster that speakerphone avoids interference with digital hearing aids.

So while it’s easy to mock emerging technology, or different ways that people use technology, there are always examples of how these ways can be really useful, even to a minority.

And this in turn reminded me that my Granny is still doing well with her upgraded tablet, 3 years on. She’s using it for on-demand TV, browsing places she’d like to visit and researching menus. Things she’d struggle to do with books, with limited mobility.

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