Celebrating the how, not the what

To mangle a famous quote:

I’m not always able to say who we delivered projects for, but I counted them all out and I counted them all back.

In the rush to hit deadlines and find time for the next project it’s easy to forget about the achievements. And the past few weeks have been full of those, thanks to an energetic team at Helpful.

I think I could get away with blogging about each of the projects below, but the specific brief isn’t the point. More often than not, the outputs are straight-forward to deliver, it’s untangling the organisation that demands patience, diplomacy and hard work.

Take a bow @kate_rawlins_ @alasdairdick and @claireturner18, who between them have managed to:

1. Persuade, train and guide a senior public servant, who works in a controversial service, on to social media. This was done while simultaneously negotiating a staff union and significant hardware and network challenges (as in there was precious little of either).

2. Step in to a live emergency response at short notice, putting a lot of our models, theory and training to the test.

3. Deliver a school classroom training platform, to inspire children in to careers in marketing and communications. The catch? We’re not delivering the sessions, so that platform had to work out-of-the-box, for non-techies. And it did.

4. Bring together a dispersed corporate comms team, with little confidence in their digital skills, and no experience, and have them producing video on Instagram and Facebook by the end of the day.

None of these are particularly exciting clients or projects in the conventional sense, but their needs are as great as many other complex organisations I’ve come across.

Working through those complexities and meeting needs is worth celebrating on its own.

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