What’s happening to Foursquare?

Foursquare is becoming two apps – a new one called Swarm will take care of those who like to check in and show off to friends. Old Foursquare will help you find places and review them.

This article sums it up neatly.

If you haven’t tried it before, I recommend dabbling with Foursquare. I have used it on and off for four years now and it falls into the slightly disappointing space between my Twitter and email app (indispensable) and something like the Kickstarter app (best intentions but I never open it).

I use Foursquare every day. I am slightly ashamed that I lust over the mayorship of certain locations, but I don’t know why. The places that I frequent regularly don’t have many other users, so I am not building a network or finding any conversations. I guess I just believe in it.

A couple of visits to Spain in the past 18 months have proved to me that there is potential for businesses. In Barcelona every bar, cafe and restaurant that I visited (and I visited many) had a Foursquare presence. In fact, I didn’t bother with the guidebook – all food, drink and coffee stops were decided on the strength of other people’s reviews, and the deals on offer. Most businesses on Foursquare appeared to offer a check-in deal – show themyou’d checked in and claim your free glass of wine, tapas etc. Brilliant.

A restaurant receipt with Foursquare discounts With this in mind I don’t quite understand why the check-in action is being taken out of the mix. However, that’s just me. The handful of people I follow certainly display the sort of behaviour that Foursquare want to hive off with Swarm (see what I did there?).  They check in all the time, but never contribute any reviews or photos.

If you too are a secret Foursquare fan, I urge you to check out of the closet and share your experiences. Foursquare may be splitting in two, but I think there is more to come.

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3 thoughts on “What’s happening to Foursquare?”

  1. I’ve never really clicked with FourSquare – I try and I try (and I try – I’m on my third account!) but it just never really made it into a habit with me – I check-in on Facebook when that desire takes me. I did find it really useful in NYC though and was looking forward to using it in LA and SF in a couple of weeks so I guess I’d better take another look at it!

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