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  1. I took part in Maps and Apps, adding a couple of entries and commenting on others. As a direct result, the apps I entered have been connected to apps from other entries thereby providing more capability and reaching out to many more patients than would otherwise have been the case. This is just one of what I am sure must be many more positive stories.

    However, I did encounter one issue that needs to be considered for next time. Many NHS people who went to the site to vote could not register due to some issue with the captcha screen and probably their local NHS infrastructure, leaving them frustrated that they could not take part. Other than this, it was a great exercise which highlighted a number of exceptionally promising health apps.

    1. Phil, thanks very much for your comments, and your support of Maps and Apps. Participants like you really help to make this project a conversation.
      The registration process is frustrating, and while we could blame it on local IT infrastructure, we all know that this is a challenge that has to be met when running any digital engagement with the NHS, or other parts of the public sector.
      We’ll think about this more carefully next time, and I have raised it with Ideascale too.

  2. Hello Tim,

    I’m considering running an open innovation event, possibly with a crowdsourcing element, for a group of senior NHS managers. I like your story and am thinking of including it for the group as an example of open innovation in practice. Two questions for you:

    1. How did it all work out in the end? Are there ideas which may be/have been developed into products?
    2. Could we talk about what you learnt and implications for me and my colleagues running the above session?

    Thanks, Rob

    1. Hi Rob

      Thanks for commenting, glad you find this interesting.
      I don’t have any evidence yet of ideas that have actually been developed further (our objective was to help showcase these ideas), however I am hopeful that people have been connected through Maps and Apps. One of the most striking aspects was that many of the ideas put forward were in fact in existence already, which points to a need to better promote what’s already out there.
      I’d be happy to chat some more with you about how you could use crowdsourcing in your session – you can find me on Twitter @timolloyd and I’ll DM you some contact details.

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