BIS has launched a consultation on the Consumer Bill of Rights. In essence it is about helping consumers to understand their rights when goods or services aren’t up to scratch, and making sure businesses understand their responsibilities. Shoppers at the supermarket tillThere is also an interesting section about consumer rights around digital content.

It is fair to say I’m really proud to be a part of how this consultation is being presented online. You can find out more about it here.

We’ve worked with a really helpful and enthusiastic policy team, who with a bit of encouragement early on have managed to reduce the original 200 page consultation document to the equivalent of about six pages. Visitors can read and respond privately to the consultation online, and we’ve left in public comment boxes on each page in the hope this might generate some public discussion about the consultation too. We’ll see how that goes.

Capturing a quick piece to camera from Minister Norman Lamb, to introduce the consultation, enabled us to have another crack at boiling down the key messages even further.

There are a lot of topics covered in this Bill, and a wide audience, so it’s satisfying to give this some online treatment.

We are also monitoring online mentions and conversations, which, hopefully, will inform how we can improve the way in which we promote the consultation.

Lastly, the back story to this work is that it came to the digital team as a result of one of our weekly social media surgeries, where one of the policy team came along to find out how we could support their work. It’s nice to see an informal mechanism like these surgeries produce some improved engagement from the department.

From a digital perspective this is still work-in-progress for us, so comments and ideas gratefully received.

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